About Us

Small Beginnings

 It all started with a love for coffee, a healthy dose of curiosity and a popcorn popper! We started roasting coffee just for personal use in late 2013. After tasting the amazing difference between the coffee we had been buying at stores and the coffee we were roasting, we hit the point of no return. After wearing out numerous popcorn poppers, we took the leap and purchased a coffee roaster. As friends and family started tasting our liquid gold, the demand grew and has continued to grow. 

Our Family

 Nico's is a small town family owned and operated coffee roasting company. The name is the result of our two oldest children spending many days brainstorming all sorts of ideas (some good and others questionable). They decided that the business should be named after their little brother Nicolas (Nico). The name was an immediate favorite for everyone and was therefore made official. 

Our Coffee

 We roast mostly single origin arabica coffees from South America, Central America and Africa. We work with local coffee importers to bring our customers the finest coffee possible. 

Contact Us

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Nico's Coffee Roastery

PO Box 829, Lynden, WA 98264

(360) 739-4789